Lichen x jesmonite

A collaborative exhibition with Seb Camilleri - showing at London Design Fair, September 2017 at the Truman Brewery. The exhibit will be shown in the Craft Pavilion which is this year curated by Hole & Corner.


The new Lichen series aims to celebrate the fascinating qualities of Lichen, its history and its role as a  sensitive indicator of our environments. By looking at five species and using abstracted patterns and colours based on each organisms qualities, whilst also engraving inlays into the sculptures surfaces. Shifting from mediums used in previous works, the series uses Jesmonite, exploring methods which emphasize the scope of its textures and applications as a versatile material.

The projects extends itself outside the sculptural realm as site specific journey with the addition of photography from visual artist Seb Camilleri whose work often explores the transient nature of spaces we inhabit, or once did. Working with both rural and urban sites, he wishes to convey ideas surrounding the specific effects that spaces and architecture have on the emotions and behavior of individuals.


Xanthoria parietina_detail.jpg